Review Denaq 12-Cell 6600mAh Lithium Battery for HP Laptops

The few days earlier. I’m looking for information on the Denaq 12-Cell 6600mAh Lithium Battery for HP Laptops, so i would like to describe here.

Denaq 12-Cell 6600mAh Lithium Battery

Denaq 12-Cell 6600mAh Lithium Battery for HP Laptops

DKJ1350 Features Rechargeable battery Safe lithium-ion technology Smart technology communicates accurate information to the computer No memory-effect Overcharge protection built in 12 Cells Product Type Alkaline/Lithium/Rechargeable Generic Specifications Fits the following HP models BUSINESS NOTEBOOK (NC6100 NC6105 NC6110 NC6115 NC6120 NC6140 NC6230 NC6200 NC6220 NC6320 NC6400 NC8230 NC8430 NW8440 NW9440 NX6110 NX6115 NX6120 NX6125 NX6130 NX6310 NX6315 NX6320 NX6325 NX6330 NX7300 NX7400 NX8220 NX8420 NX9420 NC4200) HP (6510B 6530B 6535B 6700 6710B 6700 6710B 6700 6715B 6700 6715S 6700 6720T 6700 6730B 6700 6735B 8500 8510P 8500 8510W) ELITEBOOK (8440P 8530W 8540P 8730W 8740W) … Read more

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